Japanese Dilemma....

The problem with these beautifully drawn and painted late 19thC watercolours of birds is that they all have another image on the reverse and more oddly, that image is upside down!

As can be seen in the photo, one of the images has been framed - it is double mounted and glazed on each side so that both images can been seen. The brushwork and quality of the paintings is of such a high level that I think it is worth going to the extra effort and having each of about 20 paintings done this way.

The only other dilemma is the upsde down image... I think a little brass ring screwed into the top and another to the bottom of the frame will facilitate an easy switch. There is a swallow to the reverse of the one in the photo and the framed results measure 27cm wide x 29.5cm high

I love these - a very decorative and attractive lot!

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