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Large Painting by Valter Gibson '1928-2002'

From Dorian Caffot de Fawes

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VALTER GIBSON (1928-2002)
Oil on canvas
Signed and dated 1986
120.5 cm high by 101 cm wide by 3 cm depth

Valter Gibson was born in 1928 in Lycksele, grew up in Stockholm and lived until his death in 2002 in Hallstavik. From 1952 to 1955 Gibson studied painting at Valand's art school in Gothenburg, with the prominent artist Endre Nemes as a teacher. Gibson belonged to "generation 47-55" and was a member of the artists' association Group 54. It was founded by Nemes' students who were in contradiction to the Gothenburg artist club dominated by colorists who were opposition to the new abstract and surrealist art. Valter Gibson was inspired in his youth by artists such as Evert Lundquist, Roland Kempe and Olle Nyman. But above all, he was inspired by Endre Nemes and became perhaps the artist who most faithfully followed him. Gibson was both a follower and a further developer of Nemes' painting. The relationship is clear: the myriad of shapes, the use of image fragments joined together in ornamental collage form and the dominance of black. The 80's production went more towards a simplified and direct design language. The color range in Gibson's works varies from black and brown to yellow and blue tones. He paints in a powerful expressionist style, sometimes in a few stark colors and shades, sometimes in a jarring color.

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