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Red Turkmen Rug

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Red Turkmen rug made with wool and featuring a Gul motif frame traditional handmade rug from Central Asia. The Gul motif is a design that is commonly found in Turkmen carpets and rugs, and is often used as a framing device for other geometric patterns.

To create a Red Turkmen rug with the Gul motif frame, skilled weavers use high-quality wool and natural dyes to produce a rich, deep red colour. The rug is then carefully woven using a traditional technique that involves knotting the wool fibres onto a foundation of horizontal and vertical threads.

Red Turkmen rugs  are prized for their beauty, durability, and cultural significance. They are often used as decorative pieces in homes or businesses, and can also be collectors' items for those interested in traditional Central Asian art and culture.

Central Asia circa 1970

H 212cm x W 124cm x D 1cm


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